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Monday, 11 June 2012

Printer Help & Support -

printer helpPrinters, as we all know, play important role in daily operations that require hard copy generation of text, documents, or images among other things. Printer being a machine tends to malfunction at times, especially when you need it the most.
The real problem arises when printing problems occur at the most crucial moments. Being able to quickly figure out the problem and resolve it can be priceless. Printer support is different from other kinds of tech support as a printer can have issues with software, drivers, hardware or it could even be mechanical.
At these times we need a printer support specialist who can solve our hassle promptly and give us useful guidelines to avoid further printer problems.
Printer support specialists can assist you in troubleshooting numerous printing related problems like:
  • Outdated or corrupt printer drivers
  • Conflict due to printer properties
  • Infected/ Corrupt Printer Software
  • Wireless printer setup and configuration
  • Printer Installation Problems
Following tips can help you resolve most of your printer problems.
  • Turn off the computer, disconnect the printer cable and restart the computer. Now Reconnect the printer back to the computer and power it on. Power cycling resets the software and applications, enabling the computer to detect the printer and hence resolves the printer problems.
  • If the printer is offline, right click on the printer's icon > select 'Properties' from the drop-down list, and put it to the online mode.
  • Uninstall outdated drivers and download and install the latest drivers from the manufacturer's website. This should resolve the problem as non-updated drivers stop the printer from functioning smoothly.
  • Uninstall the printer software, turn off the printer, disconnect printer from the computer. Now reboot the computer, reinstall the printer software and reconnect the printer to the computer.
  • Review your anti-virus and firewall settings
  • Check  your recently modified your wireless settings , in case of wireless printer
  • Print a test page
  • Make sure that you are sending print commands to the right printer. Wireless printers are often mistaken if you have multiple printer of the same brand running on the network.
  • Check your internet connection to see if wireless printer is accessible. Just open your browser and open any site that is not cached on your computer.
  • Check printer properties and reboot printer
 If the problem is not resolved, write down the error code or details and search on Google or Bing for printer troubleshooting help.
With a support specialist on the line, however, you can find, troubleshoot and test resolutions and fixes to the problems you are having, as you experience them. And since the printer tech support is often part of a larger comprehensive tech support service, you can be certain that no matter if the problem is with your computer, the software or the printer itself you will be able to fix it and finish printing.
If nothing seems to work, then I suggest you to contact a printer support specialist, who can support coverage for printer support via phone and remote access.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Online Computer Help & Support -

fix computerComputer problems are quite common these days and one who faces such problems knows how annoying the situations are. There are operating system issues, network issues, and many more. Whether you are using a laptop or a desktop, errors could crop up anytime and that is also without any prior notice.
For maintaining your computer, you might need computer tech support. Online Computer repair services help us to keep our system up-to-date, free from errors, and much more.

The most common issues that can happen to your computer are: -
  • Blue Screen Errors
  • Slow Computer problem
  • Computer Reboots Automatically
  • Computer Crashes
  • Virus Attacks
Data is the primary and most important of everything stored on a computer, but due to virus attacks and various problems the data loss is the major issue. Viruses can corrupt your files and programs and other software’s.

Keeping your computer updated with latest drivers, antivirus, programs helps you to secure your computer from getting crashed as well as helps you to work safe and efficiently.

Here are some steps which can help in securing your computer: -
  • Try running your computer in safe mode when Blue Screen Error occurs.
  • Remove unwanted files from your system.
  • Remove malicious software’s from your Pc.
  • Uninstall corrupted software’s.
  • Try installing updated Antivirus Software.
You may find it difficult to remove malicious software from your system. Or you may face difficulties to find the files that lead system crash. You may take help from the computer experts for making your computer error free. Computer experts helps you to remove all malicious software’s that helps your computer to run safe and efficiently. Aside from diagnosing and optimizing your system, certified technicians can assist you in installing, upgrading and customizing latest antivirus software on your computer.

I can personally suggest AKAL, an online technical support specialist for computers. AKAL offers Computer Support via phone and remote access for home users globally. Live 24/7 support coverage extends to technologies that you may use every day. You may learn more about them at

AKAL online computer support also covers repair and maintenance of computer for problems like slow booting, virus check, pc tune-up, internet connection speed, memory problems.

Call AKAL now at +1-888-439-2525 for expert computer support from certified technicians.

Friday, 2 March 2012

Microsoft Windows 7 Support -

windows 7 helpLearn the basics of Microsoft Windows 7 with Microsoft Certified Technicians and find out how to fix the compatibility issues and also what's new in the latest version of Windows

Windows 7 is up and running.  The latest version of Windows is faster, easier to use and more fun than any version of Windows before. We've been using Windows 7 since the launch of the beta (test) versions and we are pleased to bring you some tips for the new operating system.

The most common issues with Windows 7 are: -

Compatibility Issues & installing Issues
There are some compatibility issues that anyone who is planning on deploying Windows 7 may have to deal with. My purpose in writing this article is therefore to tell you and to show you what you can do to avoid having any serious compatibility issues. You may find it difficult to set-up, upgrade or fix Windows 7 operating system. You may take help from the experts in installing or update Windows 7. Aside from diagnosing and optimizing Windows 7 operating system, certified technicians can assist you in installing, upgrading and customizing Windows 7 on your computer.

Why Drivers Complicate Deployment
Deploying drivers is one of the more difficult tasks of real-world deployment scenarios. One reason for this is because of different makes and models of systems from different manufacturers and may even include custom-built white-box systems. The result is that many different drivers are needed to support all the different systems. Another reason driver adds complexity to deployments is because drivers may not only be needed for the installed operating system to work properly. Another reason drivers make deployment difficult is because incompatibilities can sometimes arise. For instance, there are situations where installing the wrong driver on a system can cause the system to “blue screen”.

If you are still wondering what all the fuss is about, you can now talk to Microsoft certified technicians via online technical support. AKAL offers windows 7 support via phone and remote access for home users globally with Live 24/7 support coverage extends to technologies that you may use every day. You may learn more about them at

Friday, 20 January 2012

Email Problems & Resolutions -

email helpEmail is the quickest and inexpensive mode of sending across your message and lets you do things the telephone cannot, such as forwarding a photo across the phone line. But this reliance on emails comes with its own pack of problems. Problems with emails can arise with your email account or with the configuration of your email client your email client like outlook express etc.

Users have reported several problems encountered by them while sending and receiving emails. The most common among them include:
  • Configuration or sign-in error.
  • Forgot passwords.
  • Inability to open attachments in different email clients.
  • Corrupted mailboxes.
  • Receiving junk mails.
  • Duplicate e-mails.
  • Error in sending emails.
 Keeping your account within its allotted storage size by deleting and/or moving messages, and properly specifying your preferred address, will save you from the most common problems with mail receipts.
With regard to sending mail, correctly specifying your SMTP mail server in the configuration of your client and using the proper addresses for your recipients, will avoid two of the most common problems.

You can further secure your email accounts by following some steps: -
  • Always keep your passwords strong & secret.
  • Block unwanted email address.
  • Create Filters in your mails.
  • Avoid adding unwanted email addresses.
If you are still not able to get rid of your problems, I would suggest you talk to email experts.

I can personally suggest AKAL, an online technical support specialist for email support, hotmail support, windows live mail help, hotmail tech Support, windows live mail set up etc. AKAL offers email support via phone and remote access for home users globally. Live 24/7 support coverage extends to technologies that you may use every day. You may learn more about them at