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Friday, 2 March 2012

Microsoft Windows 7 Support -

windows 7 helpLearn the basics of Microsoft Windows 7 with Microsoft Certified Technicians and find out how to fix the compatibility issues and also what's new in the latest version of Windows

Windows 7 is up and running.  The latest version of Windows is faster, easier to use and more fun than any version of Windows before. We've been using Windows 7 since the launch of the beta (test) versions and we are pleased to bring you some tips for the new operating system.

The most common issues with Windows 7 are: -

Compatibility Issues & installing Issues
There are some compatibility issues that anyone who is planning on deploying Windows 7 may have to deal with. My purpose in writing this article is therefore to tell you and to show you what you can do to avoid having any serious compatibility issues. You may find it difficult to set-up, upgrade or fix Windows 7 operating system. You may take help from the experts in installing or update Windows 7. Aside from diagnosing and optimizing Windows 7 operating system, certified technicians can assist you in installing, upgrading and customizing Windows 7 on your computer.

Why Drivers Complicate Deployment
Deploying drivers is one of the more difficult tasks of real-world deployment scenarios. One reason for this is because of different makes and models of systems from different manufacturers and may even include custom-built white-box systems. The result is that many different drivers are needed to support all the different systems. Another reason driver adds complexity to deployments is because drivers may not only be needed for the installed operating system to work properly. Another reason drivers make deployment difficult is because incompatibilities can sometimes arise. For instance, there are situations where installing the wrong driver on a system can cause the system to “blue screen”.

If you are still wondering what all the fuss is about, you can now talk to Microsoft certified technicians via online technical support. AKAL offers windows 7 support via phone and remote access for home users globally with Live 24/7 support coverage extends to technologies that you may use every day. You may learn more about them at