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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

AKAL Achieves Microsoft Gold Partner Certification

Akal, a leading provider of IT support & solutions since 1999 today announced that it has achieved the prestigious Microsoft Gold Partner Certification for the year 2012 – 2013.

This is yet another achievement for AKAL as well another proof of their dedicated & experienced support and superior customer service.

By achieving the Microsoft Gold OEM competency, AKAL can now demonstrate greater value to its customers by showcasing best-in-class capabilities that have undergone a rigorous and auditable approval process. Now AKAL is in a perfect position to benefit most from the current market trends. With the Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 operating systems, AKAL has an unprecedented opportunity to capitalize on the demand for new PCs and server services it specializes in.

Combined with Microsoft’s ongoing commitment to research and development and to innovation, AKAL’s membership in the OEM competency can help open new markets for the PCs and server services it delivers. AKAL can also demonstrate its capabilities to its customers when supporting & servicing hardware systems & solutions for the Microsoft platform.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Online Computer Help & Support -

fix computerComputer problems are quite common these days and one who faces such problems knows how annoying the situations are. There are operating system issues, network issues, and many more. Whether you are using a laptop or a desktop, errors could crop up anytime and that is also without any prior notice.
For maintaining your computer, you might need computer tech support. Online Computer repair services help us to keep our system up-to-date, free from errors, and much more.

The most common issues that can happen to your computer are: -
  • Blue Screen Errors
  • Slow Computer problem
  • Computer Reboots Automatically
  • Computer Crashes
  • Virus Attacks
Data is the primary and most important of everything stored on a computer, but due to virus attacks and various problems the data loss is the major issue. Viruses can corrupt your files and programs and other software’s.

Keeping your computer updated with latest drivers, antivirus, programs helps you to secure your computer from getting crashed as well as helps you to work safe and efficiently.

Here are some steps which can help in securing your computer: -
  • Try running your computer in safe mode when Blue Screen Error occurs.
  • Remove unwanted files from your system.
  • Remove malicious software’s from your Pc.
  • Uninstall corrupted software’s.
  • Try installing updated Antivirus Software.
You may find it difficult to remove malicious software from your system. Or you may face difficulties to find the files that lead system crash. You may take help from the computer experts for making your computer error free. Computer experts helps you to remove all malicious software’s that helps your computer to run safe and efficiently. Aside from diagnosing and optimizing your system, certified technicians can assist you in installing, upgrading and customizing latest antivirus software on your computer.

I can personally suggest AKAL, an online technical support specialist for computers. AKAL offers Computer Support via phone and remote access for home users globally. Live 24/7 support coverage extends to technologies that you may use every day. You may learn more about them at

AKAL online computer support also covers repair and maintenance of computer for problems like slow booting, virus check, pc tune-up, internet connection speed, memory problems.

Call AKAL now at +1-888-439-2525 for expert computer support from certified technicians.