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Friday, 15 June 2012

Windows Media Player Support -

fix media playerMicrosoft Windows Media Player is the default media player for all window versions released by Microsoft. This player enables us to enjoy our favorite songs and videos, sync them with our portable media players, organize our music, and creates playlists for us and much more.

Common Features of Windows Media Player: -
  • Playback of mp3, mp4 and various other formats of music.
  • Playback of videos in WMV, MOV, and AVI formats.
  • Storing music and videos in an organized library.
  • Easily updation of the song/video information in the library.
  • Ripping (Copying of content from a CD or DVD) can be done easily.
  • Burning (Writing data to a CD or DVD) can be done with ease.
  • Ability to sync with portable media devices.
Even though Windows Media Player is great software that meets our entertainment needs. However, due to some software issues, some problems occur and cause hindrance in its proper functioning.

Common Windows Media Player Problems: -
  • Windows Media Player not responding
  • Player becomes unresponsive in full screen mode
  • No sound in Windows Media Player
  • Windows Media Player cannot process the file you want it to play
  • Windows Media Player cannot rip one or more tracks from the CD.
If you are unable to use Windows Media Player due to any reason, we recommend you make sure of the following: -
  • Windows Media Player has the required codec to play the audio / video file.
  • Windows Media Player was properly installed.
  • The music / video files on the PC / Laptop are not Corrupt/ Infected/ Missing.
  • The sound and video drivers of the system are updated
  • The CD/DVD you are trying to rip from is not damaged or scratched
  • Check that your sound and volume settings are correct 
  • The volume is not muted
  • The sound equalizer is balanced
  • The video file is not playing in full screen mode
If the problem is not resolved, write down the error code or details and search on Google or Bing for media player troubleshooting help.
With a support specialist on the line, you can find, troubleshoot and test resolutions and fixes to the problems you are having, as you experience them. And since the media player support is often part of a larger comprehensive tech support service, you can be certain that no matter if the problem is with your computer, the software or the media player itself you will be able to fix it.
If nothing seems to work, then I suggest you to contact a media player support specialist, who can support coverage for media player via phone and remote access.