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Monday, 1 October 2012

Set up Windows Mail for your email account

Before you begin

You must have an email account on Windows Live. If you do not have a Windows Live Email Account you can go to and sign-up for a new email account. If you encounter any problems then you can contact Windows Live customer service who will provide you all kinds of Windows Live email help and Windows Live email support.

Download and Install

  • First, you must first download the Windows Live Essentials 2011 by going to (

  • Save the installer client on your desktop ( or wherever you want to save the installer).

  •  Double click the downloaded WLM 2011 to start the installer client.

  •  In the options when you are asked if you want to “Install all of Windows Live Essentials” or “Choose the programs you want to install”, choose the option “Choose the programs you want to install” .

  •  In the window “Select the programs you want to install”, uncheck all options and only select “Mail”.

  • Click in the “Install” button.

  • Go to Start Menu -> All Programs -> Windows Live Mail.

  • In Windows Live Mail , Go to Accounts Section -> Click the email Button.

  • The “Add your email accounts” window pops up.

  • Check the box “Manually Configure Server Settings”
  • If you already have a Windows Live email account you can use that ID to login to Windows Live Mail, or if you would like to create a new email ID follow the steps below.
  • If you already have a Windows Live email account you can use that ID to login to Windows Live Mail. In case you are using Gmail ,Google Apps or any other webmail service, then you will need to manually configure the POP and IMAP settings
  • Choose either IMAP or POP from the drop down menu. Both incoming and outgoing servers are mail  followed by your domain name. 
  • Port 143 is used for Incoming mails and Port 25 is used for Outgoing mails. Sometimes port 25 might be blocked by your ISP, if the account does not work when sending email use port 587 for Outgoing mails. Read at the bottom for information on changing the ports.
  • On Login ID make sure you type your full email address.
  • Check both “This server requires a secure connection (SSL)” and “My outgoing server requires authentication” at the bottom of the wizard. Click Next

  • You will be signed in and a pop up appears saying that “your email account was added”. Click on “Finish” Button.

  • Enter your desired username and set the password for it. Enter a display name for your sent messages. Click on “Next” Button.

  • You will be signed in and a pop up appears saying that “your email account was added”. Click on “Finish” Button.

  • Your Email account is ready and now you can check your mail from the desktop, just like you would check your email online.

'Special' folder designation

By default, Windows Live Mail will not assign your Drafts, Junk, Sent and Trash folders correctly. To rectify this error, go to the properties page of your account (ALT+S then ALT+P when viewing normal email) and under the IMAP tab, enter the following:

  • Sent Items path: Inbox.Sent
  • Drafts path: Inbox.Drafts
  • Deleted Items path: Inbox.Trash
  • Junk path: Inbox.Junk 

Troubleshooting and Ports 
  • Sending Error

  • If you can't send any email with an Error either saying that ' Server does not support SSL connection ' or similar try changing your outgoing port to the alternative Port 587 by Right Clicking your account and selecting Properties.

  • Change port to 587 and Ok everything..

SMTP Port 587 is the alternate for (blocked) port 25
On the Advanced tab, change port 25 to 587, if your ISP blocks port 25.
It is the alternate port that DreamHost apparently makes available, just for that case.

  • To ensure that your email is working correctly click on home and then on the Send/Receive Button.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Troubleshooting common email problems

email helpAs we all know, email has become a very important of our lives. It is the most modern form of exchanging messages and communicating with friends, family and colleagues. Without the internet and email, it would have been near impossible to keep in touch with our loved ones.

Email helps us in exchanging messages not only in the form of text but also lets us share pictures, videos, documents and some even let us chat with one or more people through them. Thanks to the power of the internet and the service we all know as email, the world indeed has become a very small place.

Even though email may seem perfect, it does have its own share of problems. We wake up one morning, turn on the computer and go to the website of our webmail service to send an important email.  We put in the username and password required to log into the account. Instead of our mail screen we are greeted by the message “Invalid username or Password”. Maybe we put in something wrong, so we try again. Same message. We try to clear our history, cookies, and temporary internet files, restart our internet and try again. This time we are notified that our account has been blocked. We are puzzled as we had checked our email a few days ago and it was fine. We never really had problems with email before, until now.

There could be only one reason to why we are facing problems with email account – Our email account has been hacked by a black hat programmer (commonly known as hackers or spammers). The worst fear of every internet user has become a shocking reality. As the internet technologies are improving, so are the hackers. They constantly look for security flaws in the services used by net surfers and take advantage of it, using their cheap and dangerous tools.

secure email
In panic, we frantically try and scan for the culprit software who let the hacker in to our system, but it’s already too late. Even if we find the rogue software, it won’t let us get rid of it easily. It has disabled our firewall, shutdown our antivirus and changed the search engine settings so that we are unable to remove the Rootkit Trojan out of the system. So now you wonder 

“How do I recover my account and fix my email settings that might have been changed?”

    Email Troubleshooting
  • The first thing you could try is to use your old password. If you can login using your old username and password, Great! But if not, you should click on “I forgot my password” (even if you never did forget it). Answer the security questions and provide the alternate email address for password recovery. If everything works out, you will have the option to reset your password.
  • Change your password and make a new stronger yet easy to remember one. 
  • Change your recovery information as the hacker already knows about the old recovery information. Make sure that all information in the recovery form is set by you. Remove any information that you are unaware of immediately. 
  • Change your passwords for any other related sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, your bank etc) that you used to access with your email before it was hacked. Do it quickly and pray that the hacker has not done the same before you.
  • Tell your contacts and the webmail service provider that your account has been hacked, not to reply to any emails/ requests from that account and to remove it from the address book.
  • Back up all your security information to a external hard disk or portable media. Learn from the experience and take steps to ensure that this does not repeat in the future.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Email Help & Tech Support

email securityElectronic mail, also known as email or e-mail, is the latest method of exchanging messages from one person to one or more recipients. Email is our electronic post office which we use  for sending emails, documents,  photos, files and music to friends and family both near and far.

Ever since the internet became popular, Email has become the most modern forms communication. Though email packed with benefits, sometimes we can run into problems with email service or can have problems with email account settings. At these crucial times we need an IT support team who can help us to fix email problems and provide us help with email problems with 24x7 live mail help

Common Email Problems

  • Problem sending emails
  • Forgotten username/ Password
  • Getting unknown errors when trying to send email
  • Unable to fix my email settings
  • Unable to reply or receive replies on the email
  • Getting connection errors or timeouts
  • Spam being sent to the address book contacts

Since email has become a great part of our lives, it’s can be said that when you have problems with email, it’s can be very frustrating. Thus it helps greatly to have somebody who can fix email problems as quickly as possible. Understanding the most common issues will help us solve most of the email problems and will help you in being prepared if it happens again in the future so that you can avoid annoying frustrations.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Internet Explorer not working

Internet Explorer helpInternet Explorer (commonly abbreviated IE) is a graphical web browser developed by Microsoft. Internet Explorer is one of the most widely used web browsers along with Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera. Internet Explorer is a great web browser which is always going through changes to meet the changing demands of the net surfers, to further enhance their web browsing experience.

However, despite its great looks and enhanced security features, it may sometimes run into problems which can be quite annoying. Internet Explorer problems slow down the web browsers browsing and refreshing speeds. Some faulty JavaScript files can cause errors in displaying the applications and the webpage elements correctly.

The causes of Internet Explorer problems vary depending on the computer and its components that are running on it.

Internet Explorer can run into various problems and errors such as:
  • Internet Explorer is too slow to respond.
  • Internet Explorer hangs/freezes in the middle of work.
  • Unable to open Internet Explorer.
  • Internet Explorer crashes.
  • Internet explorer has encountered a problem and the page cannot be displayed.

Following tips can help you resolve most of your internet explorer problems:
  • Update your Internet Explorer web browser to the latest version.
  • Uninstall toolbars, ActiveX components and JavaScript files which are not required as they can cause various problems in Internet Explorer and some are infected with virus, malware and trojan.
  • Antivirus programs like AVG, McAfee and Sonicwall help in removing malicious threats that cause performance problems in IE and the computer.
  • Reset Internet Explorer settings from the Internet Options console found in the Tools drop-down box.

At these times we need a Microsoft certified Internet Explorer technical support team who can help us in resolve issues with Internet Explorer browser and fix all of our Internet Explorer problems – big or small so that we can enjoy our web and browse it un-interrupted without any trouble.